How different would your life be if the REAL YOU were living it….?

‚ÄúLouise is a highly skilled practitioner who has spent years perfecting her art with some of the world‚Äôs finest teachers. She is a warm, honest, compassionate¬†therapist and healer who knows her stuff and operates from a place of wisdom, integrity and authenticity.‚ÄĚ
Ross Heaven ‚Äď The Four Gates Foundation (International Teacher, Therapist, Author)

Spiral Serpent

Awakening Opening Transforming

Are you feeling that something isn't right or that something is missing in your life?
Are you feeling low and/or anxious a lot of the time?
Have you recently experienced the loss or separation of someone close to you?
Are you struggling to know who you are and what you want?
Are you facing major change or needing things to be different?
Are you already in 'transition' and needing support along the way?
Do you need help to work out the next bit?

Spiral Serpent is a powerful¬†process of Change and Transformation; a¬†potent blend of Transpersonal Counselling and Energy Healing that¬†not only helps you understand your situation better¬†but also helps you to ‚Äėclear‚Äô and transmute mental, emotional and physical blocks which may be stopping you moving on or from feeling in true alignment with yourself. ¬† When brought to conscious awareness this ‚Äėstuck‚Äô energy can be worked with, enabling you to feel happier, more positive about your situation and empowered to make the shifts/changes that you desire. Connecting more fully with your TRUE SELF, you will be able to make decisions from a clearer, more authentic place enabling you to feel more in control of your life.

In a safe, respectful, confidential space I will help you to move forward with more freedom, confidence and clarity at a pace that’s right for you, via a process that is tailored to YOU. I offer a rare blend of cutting edge tools and interventions which you can take and use throughout your life. These include Shamanic-based approaches,  Energy Psychology and Inner-Child work, alongside traditional/transpersonal counselling methods.

"¬†When I started¬†working with Louise, I¬†felt limited, confined, uncomfortable and anxious.¬†Louise supported me¬†to turn toward¬†these fears and¬†to¬†move through them into what I describe as a clear open space.¬†It was¬†here that¬†I caught a glimpse of who I could be until I knew beyond all doubt that I needed to change direction in my life and to find a more authentic way to be.¬† I felt completely safe with Louise;¬†her warm, compassionate style and immense skills as a counsellor and therapist enabled me¬†to trust this ‚Äėnew‚Äô part of myself and the creative direction my life was taking.¬† Now, months on I continue to feel strong, confident,¬†alive and finally 'on track' again."

P. Stone ‚Äď Designer, Bristol