“Out beyond all right doings and wrong doings there is a field………I’ll meet you there”
Jelaluddin Rumi

About Louise Caine


Louise has over 30 years experience of personal development work with individuals, groups and communities. She worked as a full time Youth and Community worker for several years in the midlands before moving to Bristol in 1990.  Since then she has worked in more formal therapeutic settings including 12 years in the Addiction field.  She currently lives in Wells and, alongside her private practice, works as a University Counsellor/ Group worker and Clinical Supervisor in the Bristol/Somerset area.

Louise has been involved in Shamanic work since 2000 and has trained extensively with teachers from Asia, North, Central and South America and Northern Europe.  As an experienced Shamanic Practitioner, she is able to bring this rich, spiritual dimension to her work for those who feel drawn to include this as part of their therapeutic journey.

Louise occasionally runs Spiritual Workshops in the South West and at the UK shamanic Conference.  For information on current workshops, please email Louise directly.

"Louise has a wonderful, loving quality that permeates everything she does.  She is a terrific therapist with an abundant array of skills in her toolkit."

Ian Lawton - Regression/Past Life Regression Therapist, Author (The Big Book of The Soul/Genesis Unveiled and others)


Louise Caine