‚ÄúIn a moment we can catch a glimpse of all that we can be and in a moment we can lose it to fear.‚ÄĚ
Nelson Mandela

The Spiral Serpent Programme

What Will Spiral Serpent Give Me?


A GENUINE, SUPPORTIVE space for you to talk about what's happening right now for you.

CLARITY around what’s important to you and where you need to be at this point in your life.

The SUPPORT, confidence and motivation to get you there.

Techniques to powerfully CONNECT with the REAL YOU ensuring that any plans made at this time are genuine and authentic.

The COURAGE to see the ‚Äėbigger picture‚Äô and to take risks and make decisions that have a profoundly positive impact on your life.

The space to LET GO of the fears, anxieties, perceptions and behaviours that hold you back, impeding your potential and dampening your life force.

A DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of yourself, enabling you to build more meaningful relationships with others.

Better HEALTH and an increase in Self-esteem, Self-belief, passion and vitality.



The Spiral Serpent Programme is a unique blend of:

Transpersonal Counselling

Support to help you gain the insight, clarity, confidence and self-awareness to understand more about your present situation, what needs to happen next and how you can get there.

Energy Medicine Techniques:

Including Shamanic- based approaches, EFT, the Sedona Method and Self Identity Ho'oponopono to help you further identify, release and clear any conscious/unconscious blocks and limitations at a physical, mental and emotional level enabling you to move forward with increased energy, self belief and strength.  These are powerful tools that you will be able to use throughout your life.

Shamanic Healing 

A powerful addition to my work which, if requested, can help to fine-tune the whole process, restoring you back to balance, well-being and wholeness.


Individually tailored Spiral Serpent sessions to suit you and your needs (long or short term work):  £58 for 75 mins

Traditional Counselling sessions also available face to face or by phone/Zoom:  £48 for 1 hr

Shamanic Healing:  £90 for 2 hr session