“You cannot be denied anything that is perfect, whole, complete and right for you when you are your Self first.”
Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len


Thanks so much, Louise. You put me at ease straight away with your genuine will to help and your compassionate nature.  This created a comfortable, safe healing space for me.  I'm continuing the process of healing at home and feel I'm releasing more and more deep-rooted blocks with the tools you gave me. Thanks again, I feel I'm glimpsing more and more of the real me!

M. Donaldson - Student, Somerset

Working with Louise felt safe, inspiring and immensely freeing. I have a stronger, clearer sense of who I am now and where my life is heading. This is priceless. Louise has an inner knowing; she is highly intuitive and a natural at what she does.

F. Le Garnec – Counsellor, Bath


Louise is one of those rare people who one feels instantly at ease with.  She demonstrates a depth of understanding of the human condition that can open up new lines of investigation and new possibilities for healing.

T. Lartique - Bristol


I felt so much love and compassion from Louise. She creates a safe, healing environment which made me feel at ease and open. During the session I felt the energy coming through me and I experienced a very powerful release. Louise gave me feedback that was very ‘holding’ and supportive. After a period of huge chaos and confusion I am now experiencing a real peace that touches me deeply.

D. France – Family Constellations Worker, Bristol

Thanks Louise, working with you was so positive for me.  You have such a warm and authentic presence which made me feel safe right from the start.  Our work together was interesting, inspiring, invaluable and grounding and as a result I feel I have really moved through something and feel more confident to trust in the process of life!

N. Evans - Bristol

Louise is genuine, trustworthy, full of integrity and one of the purest healers I've worked with

T. Thornton - Shamanic Practitioner, Peterborough

Hi Louise.  What can I say............?  I don't feel scared anymore and I see things so differently now.  My friends have noticed a change in me and so has my mum.  And it's all good so thank you and take care.

Chris - Frome


I have found that I can face and resolve difficult issues and gain valuable insights during my sessions. Louise offers a very safe, warm and supportive space that promotes healing and inspires me to open my heart to all that arises in my life.

E. Morgenstern – Hospice Social Worker, Bristol

Louise embraces your whole being with tenderness and care and throughout the Shamanic process holds your spirit with such honour and truth. I felt safe and fully supported. Her skill as a Shamanic practitioner is exquisite and inspiring. Thank you so much for helping me to release patterns I no longer need.

Ariana – Sound Healer, Glastonbury

I feel so much stronger now. Before I was very emotional and wanted some release from the pain I was in. Louise helped me to clear some old blockages and I found the whole experience to be quite amazing. Louise works from a place of pure love. I would recommend her to anybody who feels stuck and wants to move forward with their life.

D. Romrig – Nutritionist, Somerset


Louise has a way that enables her not only to identify core issues but also to quickly find constructive ways to work at resolving them with you. She has enabled me to successfully tackle the roots of problems that have always held me back from my true potential. Now, instead of the difficulty dragging myself out of bed that I used to know, I awake with a purpose and drive which carries me forward………..on to finding more of the joys that I know lie ahead.

C. Summers – Nurse, Southampton

Working with Louise was a deeply profound experience for me. It gave me back a sense of joy, aliveness and possibility that I had almost forgotten existed.  Louise is a gentle, reassuring, sensitive and powerful healer and even now – 12 months on – I still feel the ripple effect it continues to have on all areas of my life.

D. Miles, Therapist, Brighton